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Explaining timescales associated with jet stream variability 

Energy, weather and climate

Growing cashew nuts in Ghana - land access, food security and poverty alleviation

Agriculture and rural development in Africa

Can we forecast the climate of the next decade?

Climate change in our cities and towns

Developing the next-generation of climate models

Improving predictions of extreme events

Rainfall variability in Queensland

The Indian monsoon and climate change

The AVOID Programme

Can we avoid dangerous impacts?

Can we limit warming to 2°C?

Global-scale impacts of climate change: QUEST-GSI

Food crops in India in a changing climate 

The exceptional UK rainfall and flooding of summer 2007

 Research Notes

Cashew cultivation, access to land and food security in Brong-Ahafo region, Ghana

Failure and Success of Transition Initiatives: a study of the international replication of the Transition Movement

Palm oil, land rights and ecosystem services in Gbarpolu County, Liberia

Supporting evidence-based research in sub-Saharan Africa for the adaption of rainfed agriculture to climate change: Laying the foundation stones of success

Inheritance, access to resources and poverty in Serer families in Senegal

Working with businesses

Case studies of some of our work with businesses

Research Impact Archive

Research Highlights 2014 - Our research informed the Department of Energy and Climate Change's understanding of climate change. We also worked with Deloitte and Marks and Spencer, developed unique storm diagnostic software package, helped farmers across Africa and Asia, among many other successful research highlights.

Research Highlights 2012 - We have saw significant development of our African research as part of the University’s wider internationalisation programme, including focusing on climate, agriculture, adaption, development, and capacity building.

Research Highlights 2010 - We worked with many policy-makers including collaborating with a number of African meteorologic services to develop a system that generates real-time rainfall estimates, with the Queensland Government to understand the state's climate variability and resilience, and with the Met Office to consider how emission reductions lessen the impact of climate change on water and food security.

Talks from Research Day, July 15, 2010

University initiatives

Session 1: Understanding the climate system

Session 2: Improving predictions of climate

Session 3: Impacts and consequences

Session 4: Underpinning expertise​