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Find out more about the projects undertaken by the Walker Institute, both current and archived. Each project is linked to one or more of our main structural groups – Water, Health, Food and Conflict – and sub-categories within those, such as geographical locations or particular fields of research. Projects can be located by:

  • Clicking on each category and sub-category, which will reveal a list of topics under that heading; or
  • By clicking on the four main categories directly from the tabs at the top of every page; or
  • By searching for particular topics using the Search box at the top right of each page. You can search on topic, geography, keywords or associate; or
  • Geographically, using the map functionality (desktop only) on this page. This will reveal which projects are active by country or region.

From the projects page, you can either save all the project details into a single, downloadable PDF, share the project details by e-mail, or (for current projects and for registered users) contact the associate leading the project for more information.