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Masters Programmes

At the University of Reading, there are a number of masters programmes, which you can choose to study that are relevant to climate change and the environment. 


What the programme offers

Climate change has far-reaching economic and social implications. This programme examines the social scientific drivers, and consequences, of climate change and associated policy debates. It focuses on the interface between climate change and development, with particular attention paid to the perspective of ecological economics, which integrates social and economic perspectives with insights from the natural science. Students who follow this programme are expected to have employment opportunities in a wide variety of environmental and developmental settings.

For further information, please visit the University of Reading.

Key Contact

Nicholas Bardsley

Associate Professor of Behavioural and Ecological Economics

School of Agriculture, Policy and Development

University of Reading

0118 378 4545


What the programme offers: 

The world faces serious and rapidly evolving environmental challenges on a number of fronts and at many levels. Simultaneously, the development of an economically fairer and socio-politically more just world remain paramount. This programme provides analytically rigorous, stimulating and balanced perspectives of the inter-relations between environment and development at the global, regional, national and local levels.

Students learn to critically examine how these challenges have been interpreted and are being addressed by academics, international agencies, government-level policy-makers, nongovernment development actors and of course, 'ordinary' people around the world. 

For further information, please contact the University of Reading

Key Contact: 

Andrew Ainslie

Programme Director: MSc Environment and Development

University of Reading

0118 378 8157