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Walker Institute Team Submits Brief to Deputy Speaker of Ugandan Government

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

At the request of the Deputy Speaker of the Government of Uganda, HyCRISTAL researchers from the Walker Institute recently submitted a policy brief outlining an approach to climate change response based on synthesising evidence from a variety of sources.

The brief conveys that climate change is having detrimental effects on Uganda and its people. The Government of Uganda has recognised that the impacts of a changing climate need to be addressed and adaptive action needs to be taken to ensure that the country is prepared and able to deal with flooding, droughts, and other possible disasters. While provisions have been made in the national policy to address climate change resilience, recovery, and sustainability, this alone is insufficient. There is a need for a proactive legal framework that is comprehensive in its understanding of climate change and its impacts on people’s livelihoods and can support the national response to climate change.  Walker Institute researchers propose that use of the IDAPS platform, which enables multi-sectoral integration of information, can contribute to a deeper understanding of the likely impact of climatic change on people’s livelihoods in the context of Uganda. 


*photo by Grady Walker