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Walker Institute - Meet Matthew

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Walker Institute welcomes Matthew Jacobson, one of our new staff members. Matt has joined as the administrative assistant and will be helping out with the day to day operations of the Walker Institute. In addition, as a PhD student working on certain aspects of human-climate interactions, we look forward to his input and ideas on our future projects.

Matt is currently studying his PhD and is moving in to his second year. His current working title is

Climate change & Socio Economic Transformations in the Late Antiquity of the Middle-East

His PhD is based out of the Archaeology department but it is interdisciplinary in nature, covering archaeology, history, human-climate interactions, social resilience, and geochemistry.

Matt recently traveled to Iraq on a sample hunt through caves for the best Stalagmites he can find! This is because stalagmites are similar to trees in that one can analyse the environmental history of stalagmites through their differing layers. 

We are very happy to welcome Matt in to the Walker family!